We are agile driven business.

MEONDI Key Visual Agile Driven Business

We are agile driven business.

MEONDI Key Visual Agile Driven Business


More Agile together

Our business world acts fast, is digital and closely connected. Therein lies the opportunity to reinvent and to grow quickly and effectively. By discovering customer needs, using digital technologies for innovation and implementing them through new agile business cultures.

MEONDI Agile Services

Understand & learn

We know the critical success points of digital projects, agile working methods and innovative intends. Together with our clients, we identify problems and the underlying needs. This enables us to develop holistic long-term solutions along the value chain.

Implement & grow

Together with our clients, we form and shape the intersection of innovation, agile mindset and digital technologies. Our results ensure entrepreneurial growth, promote internal innovation and enable cultural development.

MEONDI Agile Services
MEONDI Agile Services

Umsetzen & wachsen

Gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden bilden und gestalten wir die Schnittstelle von Innovation, agilem Mindset und digitalen Technologien. Unsere Ergebnisse sichern unternehmerisches Wachstum, fördern interne Innovationskraft und befähigen zur kulturellen Weiterentwicklung.

Our mission: Together we are more agile.

The Meondi principle

Agile driven business

For us, agile driven business means: We navigate our clients holistically through entrepreneurial innovation and transformation processes, as well as agile product developments, in various relevant fields of action. Based on each other, iterative, effective, end-2-end.

The End-2-End fields of action

MEONDI Agile Strategy & Agile Planning Quality
Strategy & Planning
  • Anchoring digital projects in the corporate strategy (taking into account overarching goals)
  • Implementation of agile project set-ups and individual frameworks
MEONDI Agile Software Development and Customer Experience Design
Software & CX Development
  • Identify relevant customer requirements for solution derivation
  • Design and implementation of digital experiences, services and platforms
MEONDI Agile Organizational Growth
Organizational Growth
  • Ensure internal agile scaling and innovation strength
  • Integration of agile & customer performance measurement systems


Our services for you

Our services and tools focus on agility. This means they are customer-centric, action-oriented, iterative and data-driven. In all end-2-end fields of action.

MEONDI Agile Services
Strategy & Planning
We plan, integrate and prepare.
Strategy & Planning
  • Digital Innovation Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Agile Planning Readiness
  • E-Commerce Enabling
  • Digital Technology & Platform Strategy
  • Customer Needs for Innovation & Customer Experience Improvement
MEONDI Agile Services
Software & CX Development
We try out and implement.
Software & CX Development
  • Agile Software Development (DevOps, Automated Testing, Continuous Deployment)
  • Customer Research
  • Touchpoint & Customer Experience Design
  • Organizational E-Commerce Embedding
  • Cloud & System Architecture
MEONDI Agile Services
Organizational Growth
We check, adjust and learn.
Organizational Growth
  • Team & Portfolio Coaching (Scrum Master & Agile Coaches)
  • Agile Portfolio Process Model Integration
  • Holistic Innovation Framework Integration
  • Iterative Embedded Development & Transformation of Dev Teams

What challenge are you facing?

Let us know! Together we will find the right service offering and navigate you safely through processes of innovation, transformation and digital product development.

"We encourage digital passion and technological innovation. Thus our clients can make essential decisions to drive maximum growth."


Get to know us

We are a network of experts, internal and external. We are specialists, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and together we form a collaborative unit. A pioneering spirit and individual learning and success paths drive our culture and careers. Together we invest in passion, knowledge and innovative ventures.


Eric Dauenhauer

product Strategy
Agile leadership

Nils Nowak

Software Engineer
Dev Ops
Scrum master

Diana Breternitz

UX Architect
User research
Lean ux

Madeleine Faas

business analyst
agile coach
Product owner

Christian Eppler

business analyst
Team organisation

Christopher Neuwirth

scaled agile Coach
Software Engineer
MEONDI Services

Your name


Marco Günter

Digital enabler
business architecture

Claudia Obenland

Agile Specialist
business analyst

Niklas Kappler

it architect
Software developer

Jasmin Beilharz

internal affairs

Sebastian Haußmann

ios developer
android developer

Oliver Böpple

scaled agile coach
agile leadership
MEONDI Agile Mindset

Our mindset

Meondi was founded with the spirit of enabling entrepreneurial freedom based on personal strengths and interests. We don't plan traditional careers, we let learning paths become paths to success. For strong ideas, inspiring visions and for each other.

Unser Mindset

MEONDI wurde mit dem Spirit gegründet, eigene unternehmerische Gestaltungsfreiräume, basierend auf persönlichen Stärken und Interessen, zu ermöglichen. Wir planen keine klassischen Karrierewege, sondern lassen Lernpfade zu Erfolgspfaden werden. Für starke Ideen, inspirierende Visionen und für uns einander.

MEONDI Agile Mindset

What we stand for

Meondi means "being in flow", "staying in motion". Meondi stands for being independent, different. We believe in the power of openness, transparency, appreciation and collaboration as an anchor point for digital corporate cultures. We have diverse experiences and personalities, but no blueprints. And that is a good thing.

MEONDI Philosophy

Become part of Meondi!

If you are full of curiosity, waiting for new challenges, want to take responsibility and shape the digital future, you should become a part of us. Are you in?

What do we want to achieve together?

Do you have questions about our services or are you looking for an individual solution? Would you like to network and exchange ideas on relevant topics? Then send us a message.

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